Saving Grace

Saving Grace

Dining at Saving Grace, which is located in Little Portugal/Trinity Bellwoods, is one of my favourite brunch spots in Toronto. I get up early so I can be there for 9:35 am, sipping my Ella’s Uncle Americano and waiting for 10:00 am to arrive when they open. In some cases, I even assist one of the staff members with putting the bench out front for people to lounge on.

Here’s a tip for you: If you show up for 10:00 am, likely you will not get seated until 11:15 am. You put your name on the list and chill outside sipping either Ella’s Uncle coffee or Ezra’s Pound coffee.

Once inside, though, you’ll feel at home. The seating, twenty something, is small, hence, the longer waits. Their menu is posted on a blackboard that gets your mouth watering. Menus for their regular choices are also available. The coffees and smoothies offered are pretty darn good, so save room for that.

On a recent occasion, our party had the following:  Angela’s club sandwich, consisting of a raisin multigrain bread, lettuce, cheese, bacon, & tomato. This was accompanied with Saving Grace’s wild green salad, potato rosti, and a side of honey garlic sausage. Another in the group had two poached eggs paired with a lentil salad, Saving Grace’s wild green salad, and potato rosti.  One other choice was pancakes with pears and berries and a berry maple butter which was to die for.

Saving Grace is worth any wait in my opinion, so take your time and enjoy your brunch!


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